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Meet Kim Hinkle

The trainer you need to get to your best physical and mental self.

Kim is a certified ISSA Elite trainer specializing and certified in Body Building, Aesthetics, and Strength Training. She brings a holistic approach to fitness with a unique combination of boxing conditioning & instruction, HIIT, and body-building methods in weight training to achieve your personal fitness goals."Our limitations shape the landscape. They give us a framework for our body to maneuver and a mindset that shapes our beliefs and goals.

From my own fitness explorations, I perceive these limitations as an edge or breaking point to be challenged and exceeded. Here I am doing sit-ups on a punching bag with a lower back, that in 1990, was fractured in 3 places left with irreversibly damaged, over stretched lower back muscles called the erector spinae.

I used fitness not only to strengthen and rehabilitate my body, but also to empower the mind by testing my perceived limitations in a regulated and controlled fashion backed by research and education."

"Kim pushes me to the next level, just when I think I can’t go any further. Kim truly is passionate about getting you the most out of your workouts."

Summer, Client

Styles of Training

Select a style of training that is best for your lifestyle, age, physical comfort and future goals

Boxing and Conditioning

Boxing fitness is for all fitness levels and age groups, strengthening both the mind and body.
Boxing fitness builds confidence, strengthens all major muscle groups, improves stamina and endurance, burns calories, relieves stress, and is great for both mental and physical health.

Strength Training

I created the KH method of strength training and bodybuilding to achieve your specific fitness goals, whether it be shaping and toning, aesthetics and symmetry, increasing speed, building cardiovascular and muscle endurance, hypertrophy (building muscle), or increasing limit strength (power). More on the KH Method below.

Training Formats

KimFit allows for many formats to meet your fitness goals and accomodate your lifestyle

Private Lessons

Receive 1-on-1 in-person or virtual training that is tailored to your specific fitness goals, with regular assessments and adjustments.I will guide you through the workouts and custom build the program to reach your specific goal, for your body type, including age, exercise history, physical assessment, fitness level and body stats.

Virtual Training

Use technology from the comfort of your home or office to get your workouts in! KimFit will schedule times with you and use Zoom to deliver an excellent session that doesn't press you to go to the gym.


Join the KimFit Family for in-person classes and bootcamps such as:
- 15 Round Heavy Bag Class
- Boxing & Strength Bootcamps
- 20 Circuits Boxing & Strength
- Small group sessions in boxing basics
- Body Sculpting and Muscle Building
- HIIT Cardio and calisthenics circuits

Fitness App

Receive custom workout plans, and 24/7 access to downloadable routines on my mobile app.
Download my app and track your results by setting up a fitness profile and monthly routine calendar.

Nutrition Coaching Plans

Couple your workout with nutritional advice! Receive customized monthly meal plans & target daily macro goals. Receive nutrition counseling,
one-on-one support, plus planning and assessments.

The KH Method

A compelling method for training.

Together, we will review and identify your fitness Smart Goals by setting Specific, Measurable, Realistic goals, bound to a Time Frame.I incorporate 4 phases of training with a week of active recovery in between each phase.BUILD A FOUNDATION; here we build a solid foundation to ensure success and to prevent injury. We primarily work on proper form and technique. Increasing limit strength, developing nervous system strength, increasing cardiovascular and muscle strength are just a few of the goals worked on in this phase.BUILD MUSCLE: HYPERTROPHY; here we use various body building methods to increase muscle growth. We will also assess and work on body symmetry and aesthetics.

INCREASING LIMIT STRENGTH: The aim is to strengthen the body for both functional and fitness goal reasons. Increasing strength allows you in the other phases to increase intensity, volume and density and to be able to lift heavier weight at the necessary repetitions using different body building methods.CONDITIONING; Here we use different training methods, power circuits, aerobic and interval training, HIIT, peripheral Heart Action training to shape, tone, and cut to achieve overall fitness conditioning.

ACTIVE RECOVERY: In between each of the phases, every 5th week of training, we lighten loads and intensity for injury prevention, to allow muscle recovery, and to flush out lactic acid, while maintaining exercise. This phase consists of mobility and flexibility routines, de-load routines, light to medium aerobic workouts.


Hear from our happy clients how impactful KimFit is for them!

"You don't know your true potential until you work out with Kim. Boxing and strength training was new to me, and I was nervous about investing in equipment and a new trainer.But then I met Kim. So gracious, so diligent, and so patient with me as I learned the sport! If you're someone who is uncertain about starting something new, just know that you won't regret giving Kim a try."Mark, KimFit client

"I'm just super blessed to have met Kim. She introduced me to boxing and weightlifting. Needless to say, it has been life-changing! I love the challenge, focus and stamina that it has taught me. I also love that she tailors and varies my routines from week to week! So happy to be part of KimFitness!"Becky, KimFit client

"I can say Kim has been the best personal trainer I have ever worked with for both my daughter and me. She focuses on personalizing each client’s workouts to their individual needs and goals. She is always providing the encouragement, or push, you may need to keep progressing."
Deni, KimFit client

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